Hello Demons…

When I was young, the most grievous act of rebellion against religious authority was to “get ideas.” As writing is mostly about the invention and communication ideas, it must, by default, be inspired by the Devil. Was there ever any doubt?

Some writing here is old and some is new. As always, the posts are short, in an attempt to avoid taxing attention spans in the age of the internet. There is no set publication schedule. The written work that appears on Casa Diablo is mostly fictional and its aim is more conceptual than, ah, horrific. Feel free to browse.

Casa Diablo is a subset of Inkriver. It appears every now and then, and it experiments with text and image. It was inspired some time back by a desire to say something that could exist in the absence of commercial motivation to make a point. The internet is mostly a sales pitch these days. Who would have guessed the information superhighway would wind up with Google road signs on the way to a bright and shining Amazon future.

What is here just is. You don’t have to sign up or sign in. I won’t intentionally try to track you. There is no commercial narrative running behind it. It isn’t pro Satan or anti God or any of that rot. It has no political ambitions. It is not intended as polished final work — just snippets of consciousness that, having been committed to written form, let me sleep a little more soundly at night.

Paul Saturley, 2019

“Only reason is to be”

from a great tune by Valley of the Sun